Want to Live in a Water Tower in Budapest?

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Ever wanted to live in your very own water tower? Well, earlier this month in Budapest,for 160 Million HUF ($570,000) this renovated water tower was on the market!



The water tower in Ferencváros in the IX District has quite a complex history. In 2004, someone bought the property from the local council for 1 forint (supposedly out of love), but in the same year, the place was up on the market as being structure ready at 28.9 million HUF or ready to move into at 49 million. It then came back on the market as a luxury, furnished property in 2011 for 98 million.  The price dropped down to 75 million due to the economic crisis, but the water tower came back on earlier in the month for a whopping 160 million and sold within weeks!

5The property came fully furnished with state of the art luxury designed. This quirky property measuring in at 85m2 is ideal for anyone looking to keep fit with all the stairs, not recommended for those who are disabled, have bad knees or are allergic to exercise. Those with vertigo are not recommended to apply either.

This “loft” style house is spaced over 7 floors and are connected by a spiral staircase.

The ground floor houses the entrance hall and a toilet, just incase you really just can’t wait to get up a few flights of stairs in order to use the loo. 4

The next floor up is the bedroom. This is very convenient for those who stumble home after a few too many drinks in the VII District and a can’t deal with too many stairs.

The kitchen and dining area is on the 3rd floor. Not too bad, but it might make getting that morning coffee feel a little too much like a hike up mount everest.

The fourth floor of this water tower home is the bathroom and another loo. Then the next floor up is a storage area and then you enter the grand, open plan living room on the 6th floor.

Perhaps the top 7th floor feature is the most appealing for me – the observatory. Being on top of a water tower makes it perfect for a spot of star gazing. Simply just set up a telescope and you have front door tickets to a view of the universe!

I’m not sure I would want to live in a place like this, as romantic as it seems, I can imagine life might be complicated in such a towered abode. It would make an amazing AirBnB though!

Would you like to live in a strange property like this?

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